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Tree Removal

Tree removal service

There are a number of reasons why tree removal might be an option you are considering, but it’s not just a matter of taking a saw or an axe to a tree trunk. Tree removal is a specialized task that require skill and knowledge to prevent property damage and personal injury. Premier Tree Service is a long time presence in the region in the tree service industry and our dedication to tree care service and tree removal service is second to none. As trained and educated arborist, we understand the best practice strategies that should be used to remove trees, which ensures safety of people and property and protection of the environment.

Dead and Dying Trees

All trees have a lifespan and some are far longer than others, but when they are dead and dying and cannot be saved, our tree removal service is the answer you’re seeking to a tough tree service problem. After a tree dies, the safe common approach is to remove it lest is becomes a tool for accidents and damage when poor weather conditions are able to topple it as a result of its weakened state. Dead trees are not able to withstand the onslaught of storms and eventually branches and limbs will break and likely cause damage to anything they come in contact with such as your roofing, windows, vehicles or even people.

Disease and Pest Infestations

Most trees during the course of their lifetime face disease and the possibility of pest infestations. The conditions of its environment and the overall health of a tree contribute to it’s ability to fight off these issues and an already weak tree or one that does not receive consist tree care is vulnerable. Some tree diseases are not curable once they are entrenched and a professional arborist hasn’t been employed for early detection and these diseases can easily spread to all your other trees, causing death. It’s far easier to remove one tree before this happens by calling our professional tree removal service to provide you with an experience evaluation.

Encroaching Trees

Tree roots extend far underground beyond where you can see them and they can often extend to the foundation of your home or disturb underground cables and plumbing if not stopped. Though you may love the presence of particular trees because of the contribution to the environment and their curb appeal, they can adversely affect other aspects of your property and the surrounding areas. In some cases, they can even affect your neighbor’s quality of life and safety and require removal. Removing a tree is specialized work and requires experience to plan the trajectory of its fall and how long it will take to complete remove it. These are tasks better left to a professional tree care service to ensure everyone’s safety.

Why Hire Us

Every tree on your property has its own lifespan and vulnerabilities to disease and issues like weather. When they need to be removed, you need to consider safe strategies to ensure no harm comes to people or your property. Premier Tree Service has the decades long experience you need to protect your environment. Our tree removal service uses state of the art equipment and we have a wide breadth of experience with a variety of tree species.