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When you call our tree service we welcome your questions and we provide accurate answers and solutions to a number of tree care problems. As the number one arborist in the region, you can expect your contact with us to be efficient and we offer a rapid response. Whether you connect with us via email, phone, online chat or our social media platforms we are at the ready with tree services that include stump removal, emergency tree services, wild fire mitigation, tree trimming and more. As certified, licensed and insured arborist, you can expect your trees to be well maintained and healthy after our well proven and safe approaches to tree care. We welcome your enquires regarding our experience as we have served countless clients throughout the region with exceptional tree care services.

If you’re seeking well proven solutions for tree care, Premier Tree Service is the tree service company you should contact. As a fully licensed, certified and insured tree service company we pride ourselves in providing accurate and appropriate tree care for property owners. Whether your trees are vulnerable from disease, heavy storm damage or your property is in jeopardy from wild fire our professional tree care team is able to provide you with the answers and strategies you need to maintain a beautiful and safe property. We understand that tree care services are vital to a property for property value as well as ensuring a higher quality of life. Well maintained trees are healthy trees and when you contact us for services, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you’ve reached out to a tree service company that is well respected.